What is the split and when to use it in blackjack?


In blackjack, as well as in other online games, there are a series of rules and strategies that can benefit the player, if he applies them correctly and at the right time.

Despite being one of the most popular casino games, some blackjack rules go unnoticed by most people. For example, have you ever heard of a split in blackjack?

Today we will explain what a split is and how this action, used well, can greatly benefit your bankroll.

What is a split in blackjack?

A split occurs when a player has two cards of the same value in an initial hand. These must be of the same value between the ace and 10. Since the J, Q, and K are given a value of 10, then they are considered to have the same value as a 10 card. In other words, if a player has a 10 and a Q, they can consider both cards to be the same value and ask for a split. However, this may not be the best decision. Conversely, a split can be an excellent option when you have two eights or two nines, for example.

When you split, your cards are literally split, resulting in two games in one round, which doubles your chances of betting.

Is it possible to double your bet after a split?

Yeah! It’s possible! The split is not limited to just dividing a hand into two games. It may happen that when a new card is dealt, the hand is doubled and the player can re-split his hand in a third game.

This means that you have to triple your bet, since one of the conditions to split is that the initial bet is replicated on the folded hands.

However, when the player has already split a pair of aces, we can take advantage of an exception. In that case, both hands can have duplicate cards.

Now, this rule is sometimes adapted, so it is good to know the particularities of the table well. Is it allowed to do more than one split at the table? And what is the limit of possible splits? Generally, when more than one is allowed, up to three hands can be split.

When is the time to do a split?

time to do a split

There is general agreement that there are two situations that are always favorable for a split. These are summed up in being attentive when you have a pair of aces or a pair of eights. These pairs probably represent the right time to use the split and split the game.

  At first it may seem like a disadvantage to double down on a pair of aces, because you couldn’t take more than one card with two split aces. Don’t worry too much though, as even then you can still have two separate chances to hit blackjack.

It is estimated that players who have a starting hand with aces have a 30% chance of making a blackjack. And those chances can go up to 50% if you consider that there is still another ace split.

Although a split of aces increases your chances of getting a blackjack, a pair of eights can be an unnecessary risk. Therefore, splitting a pair of eights is not recommended, as it is considered a risky starting hand.

This is because the sum of the eights is below the minimum value that the dealer must hold until the end of the round (17). When the player has a pair of eights, he is at great risk of going over 21 on subsequent hands. This would mean giving victory to the opponent, so it is an unfavorable strategy.

In addition to the above recommendations, we want to give some additional tips. Let’s see next:

Whenever there is a pair of nines it is highly recommended to do a split. However, this recommendation may vary depending on the dealer’s cards.

You can expect a 7, some card worth 10 or an ace in the dealer’s hand. And this is because if the dealer has a 7, his next card could probably be a 10, forcing him to end the round to avoid going over 17.

It is also recommended to split when we have cards between two and seven in our hand. Except for the doubling of a 5. This also applies when the dealer’s cards are between two and seven, since he will risk going over 21.

In which cases should I not do a split?

While some duplicate cards present great risks, others can be the reason for a blackjack win. For example, you should not split when the 10 card (or two 10 value cards) is doubled. And this is because this card gives you an extremely strong starting hand with a value of 20, which can only be beaten by blackjack.

Splitting it would be practically giving away your win, since, remember, you are playing against the dealer. This means that the probability of the dealer hitting a blackjack in a single round is only 10%.

If you double down on a hand with two cards worth 10 each, you might consider yourself doubling your chances of winning, and even getting lucky. But it is also possible that you squander your victory by being too ambitious.

Also, generally speaking, the dealer tends to stand on 17, so a hand of 20 would be more than enough to beat him.

Remember the tip above about not splitting the pair of fives? Now we will explain why. Doubling your bet in this situation would give you more than a 55% chance of ending your round on 18 or higher. This value is considered extremely strong against your opponent, who can’t risk too much, and it looks very tempting.

However, you have to take into account if the dealer has an up card that is worth 10 or is an ace. In that case, he has a chance to hit a blackjack, and it wouldn’t be interesting to keep the five doubled.

In the cases of 2, 3 and 7, splitting is not recommended if the dealer has up to an 8 uncovered. In the case of 4 and 6, a split is only made if the dealer’s card is a 7.

Strategy for a split in blackjack

split in blackjack

As with all forms of play, there are risks when splitting. This is because splitting a hand gives you twice the chance of winning, but also twice as likely to lose. That is why it is important to take into account all the advice given so far.

Risk is part of the game and even if you have followed all the advice so far, remember that the dealer still has a chance to win. Taking risks is part of the game, and the great strategy is not to get frustrated by a loss.

Frustration distracts you and takes you away from the knowledge you have acquired so far. So, in a game of blackjack, whether it’s head to head in a casino, or online blackjack, the important thing is to stay focused on what you know and be alert to use plays like split at the right times. That could be the great secret of your victory.

Don’t know whether or not to split in blackjack?

Don’t lose your cool. Blackjack is first and foremost a game for fun. If you are a beginner, start by watching other people play and play by the basic rules. When it’s time to split, you can try this strategy and see how it works. good luck!

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