5 exciting new slots to enjoy

exciting new slots

If you are fans of online slot games, it will be interesting that you can learn about the new news that the market has. In this article we are going to present you 10 slots that have been launched in recent times and that have a spectacular level.

These games are a sensation in online casinos. Each one with its characteristics and its theme, brings excitement to all players and immerses them in their fantasy. With them you can enjoy and also have the possibility of earning money. Come on! Let’s enter the world of new slots.

How to bet on the new casino slot machines?

Although the new slot machines bring new initiatives and proposals, the way of betting on these games does not change. Playing Slots online is really very simple; You simply have to select the bet world and click on it to start the game. With different game alternatives, special features, and varied structures, in the slots we simply click to start the game and let chance do its thing.

Top 5 New Slot Games

Now yes! Here we go with the top 10 new slot games you can find at Bodog. All of them meet the standards and ensure maximum fun. You cannot stop knowing these titles that are being a sensation all over the world.

Rooster Gold Megaways

Gallo Gold Megaways is an exciting online slot that uses the popular Megaways mechanic, which was created by Big Time Gaming. In this game, the reels have a variable number of symbols on each spin, allowing for up to 117,649 ways to win.

As for the RTP of Gallo Gold Megaways, it can vary depending on the casino in which it is played. However, in general, Megaways games usually have an RTP in the 96% to 97% range.

Super lion

Super lion

Super Lion is a high volatility game provider Skywind slot with a decent RTP of 96.1%. The game deals with the theme of the animal kingdom where the protagonist is the majestic lion.

The slot has some distinctive features like stacked wilds, bonus rounds, and free spins. The adventure of the African savannah is lived by the hand of Super Lion Slot.

Alchemy Gold

Alchemy Gold is a medium volatility slot that offers an interesting RTP of 96.75%. The game takes place in exciting stages, where players must try to combine alchemical ingredients to create substances.

With special features such as multiplier wilds, bonus rounds and cascading symbols, players can unlock great elixirs and win great prizes. The game is from PG Soft that approached the theme of alchemy in a unique way with this slot.

Spirit Of The Forest

Spirit of the Forest is an exciting slot game designed by Playnova. Set in a mystical enchanted forest, this slot offers a medium volatility experience and a decent RTP of 96.36%.

Players delight in exciting features such as free spins, expanding wilds, and a bonus game that aims for interaction. The magical and serene theme of the forest will captivate you with a game design that surprises with its level.

Temple Of Athena

Woohoo Games has very successfully launched the Temple of Athena slot, a fascinatingly themed slot machine. With a moderate volatility and an acceptable RTP of 96%, this game immerses its players in ancient Greece.

Players should be ready to enjoy exciting features such as free spins, stacked symbols, and an exciting bonus round. In Temple Of Athena, you wander in the temple in search of treasures until you unleash the power of the goddess of wisdom.

Promotions and bonuses on the new slot machines

Promotions and bonuses

Various promotions are offered at Bodog to play slot machines. Let’s see what they’re about:

  • Welcome bonus: intended for new players and up to USD 1,500.
  • Freeday Gold: You can win a bonus of USD 15 plus 20 free spins in more than 1000 games.
  • DDD Bonus: a bonus that can be requested on Sundays to play all week; you will receive deposit percentages and free spins.
  • Happy Hour: a promotion on Thursdays at a certain time to receive a 100% bonus up to USD 20.

Advantages of Betting on New Slots

Online slots are getting better and better at Bodog. These games that we have presented to you have various advantages such as mobile adaptability, a good return to the player and that they are safe games that meet the highest gaming standards.

These games stand out both visually and audibly, so the experience is often formidable. All these titles that we have seen have earned their privileged place within the industry.

What to expect from new online slots in the future

What is expected of the slots of the future is that they continue to improve visually and soundly as they have been doing in recent times. Game providers increasingly have more complete professional teams to ensure that the games released are of excellence.

Week after week we are always seeing a new slot that comes out so that players can enjoy it, the themes are diversifying and each time the focus is on more specific aspects. All particular tastes will be covered in the future of online slots.

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