The Ascot system in roulette, what is it and how does it work?

Ascot system

The Ascot bet management system is a very safe method for beginning players. By offering the possibility of determining in advance the maximum tolerable loss, as well as the expected profit, the Ascot system is attractive to players who pay attention to finances.

But it is not just a management based on numbers. By having a list of increasing preset numbers, the player has visual contact with their actual performance by seeing where they are on the list.

Ascot: a betting system for roulette adapted to the player

The Ascot system is a bet management method that allows the bettor to quickly establish the value of his bet and to know his performance during the game.

How does the Ascot system work in roulette?

Ascot system work in roulette

The Ascot system works through a sequence of numbers. These numbers correspond to the values that the roulette player is willing to bet. It is a positive progression system in which, if the player wins, he must increase the bet, while if he loses, he must decrease it.

The number of bets

The player must establish a balanced sequence of numbers to bet. Said sequence will be formed by the numbers that correspond to the values to bet.

As those who bet on online roulette generally seek to participate in several games, the ideal is for the player to bet on a sequence of at least ten numbers. And for it to be balanced, that sequence must be odd.

The value of each bet

value of each bet

Bets must reflect the player’s financial capacity, although in an odd sequence of values, the middle value must reflect the player’s initial stake. If the bet wins, the player must move to the next highest number; if the bet loses, the player must return to the lower number.

It is important to note that the lowest values in the sequence serve to amortize many losses, and values can even be repeated. For its part, the highest value of the bet must also be the maximum value that the player is willing to lose in a single bet.

How to define a good number sequence of bets

Suppose a player has 100 real and wants to play Bodog Live Casino Roulette using the Ascot system. We could establish the following sequence:

2 – 3 – 5 – 15 – 20 – 25 – 30.

In this hypothetical sequence of 7 bet values, the player would start by betting 15 reais. If he were to bet on that sequence and lose, he would only have lost half of his bankroll. But if the player won all the games, he would manage to double his bankroll.

Test your strategy

Did you like the Ascot system for roulette? A system that combines win and loss curves set by the player himself is something that experienced players appreciate a lot. Visual control is something that beginner players prefer.

What kind of player are you? Regardless of your experience in roulette games, the Ascot system is worth trying. If you want to check its effectiveness, remember that there are demo versions of roulette games where you can practice without betting real money. Good luck and see you next time at our Brazil online casino!

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